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Deliverance From all Sin
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Dear brother, dear sister,
In 2008, the Lord gave us The Bertoua Message as the pathway to revival for every believer, for a return to their first love for the Lord Jesus Christ. From the various elements of The Bertoua Message, we have elaborated 31 Teaching Modules to help you enter into the effective application of this instruction from the Lord.
This Teaching Module “DELIVERANCE FROM ALL SIN” is the first among the 31 Teaching Modules from The Bertoua Message.

Course Description

The goal of this teaching module is to make disciples who will in turn make disciples who are totally delivered from all sin and who will obey the Lord Jesus in all things.

Competence gained at the end of the training

By the end of the module, you will master the doctrine of deliverance from sin acquired for us on the cross by Jesus Christ and enter into their deliverance practically on a daily basis.

Module Objectives

  • Get you to effectively read the book ‘Deliverance from Sin’ and summarise it;
  • Lead you to do your sin book;
  • Leade you to do proclamations on your position in Christ;
  • Lead you to cry out to God in prayer to receive the revelation of the finished work of Christ on the cross in your favour (for yourself) for your deliverance from sin;
  • Lead you into the experience of total surrender to God and to know how to walk by the Spirit.

Module Structure

This teaching module has two parts:

  1. What the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross, which we will study in the book Deliverance from Sin.
  2. The believer’s responsibility, which we will study in the book The Sower, the Seed and the Hearts of Men.

The first part consists in getting the learner to read the book Deliverance from Sin and to summarise all of it by proclaiming their position in Christ and crying out to God to receive a revelation of the finished work on the cross for them. In addition, they will be led into the experience of absolute surrender to God and hence walk by the Spirit.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Know that the old man has been crucified with Christ on the cross and;
  • Know that the crucifixion of man cannot be made effective, either by the will, or human efforts, but only by accepting or reckoning what Christ has done on the cross;
  • Reckoning oneself as being truly dead to sin and alive for Christ;
  • Accepting and yielding to the will of God with joy;
  • Dead to the law and married to Christ;
  • Walking by the Spirit.


The criteria of assessment is the accuracy of knowledge (50%) and a daily life that demonstrates sanctification day by day (50%).

Bible Version

The Bible version used in this module is the New International Version.

Deliverancefrom all love of self
Expires After: Does not Expire

Course Description

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Key concepts covered include:

  • Effective Writing
  • Promoting Your Content
  • Analyze Content
  • Writing Strategies

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Praying alone
Expires After: Does not Expire

Course Description

Praying alone.

Key concepts covered include:

  1. The Way of Victorious Praying
  2. Waiting on the Lord in Prayer
  3. 15-Minute Retreats
  4. The prayer topics at the end of the book ‘The Way of Victorious Praying’